Hilsen fra Japan

11. januar 2013

I december var Projektchef Ole Hessel i Japan, for at holde oplæg om High:fives metode, og resultaterne af vores arbejde. High:five har efterfølgende modtaget denne hilsen fra 'The Japanese Association of Offenders Rehabilitation':


The Japanese Association of Offenders Rehabilitation (JAOR) is academic association with the aim to develop the community-based treatment system of offenders in Japan.  JAOR was established on 1 April 2012 and held the first Conference in Tokyo on 8 and 9 Dec. 2012 inviting two eminent speakers from abroad.  One is Mr. Ole Hessel, the project manager of “High: Five” in Denmark.


Job and human relationship are crucial elements for ex-offenders to be re-integrated into the society.  Mr. Hessel established High: Five with such ideas, and successfully support many young ex-offenders to be as diligent workers.  He delivered presentation on how to cultivate offenders and draw corporate social responsibility from the society.  Japanese participants were impressed and learned a lot from his innovations.   


He also attended at the round table discussion on offenders’ settlement in the community on the second day, and exchanged opinions eagerly with Japanese people.  Thus he contributed tremendously to the Conference.