Concept and method description

28. januar 2015

High:five is the first initiative of crime prevention in Denmark created by a network of Danish businesses. With the establishment of High:five, socially responsible businesses have committed themselves taking an active part in including young people with a criminal record in the labour market.



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On one side, the initiative strengthens the businesses’ social commitment and, on the other side, it increases the chance for a vulnerable group in our society to create a new life.

Since 2006, High:five has developed and refined a method as independent and coordinating bridge between the public authorities and the private businesses and the method has proven to be a success. The task has not been easy: We have discussed, debated, we have tested and included and excluded. With the publication of this concept and method description, we wish openly to communicate High:five’s methods and results.

The concept description is intended to be a ”textbook” and we hope that it will serve as documentation and inspiration. The concept and method description is construed to be:

• a tool for employees in High:five
• a method description for interested parties
• an inspiring handbook for persons or organisations that want to work together across services

This handbook has been translated from Danish into English based on a high international interest in High:five’s work.

To ensure that our results are measurable and to optimise our efforts, we strive towards brief and structured work procedures. As the young people, the businesses and each situation are very different, our activities will, however, also be based on individual evaluations. 

I hope that the concept and method description will promote the social responsibility in our society and benefit the individual and the society as a whole.

For further information, High:five’s employees would be pleased to be of assistance.