About High:five

High:five was established in 2006 by the Virksomhedsforum for Socialt Ansvar (the Business Forum for Corporate Social Responsibility, VFSA) in order to assist private and public Danish businesses in establishing jobs and/or traineeships for young people at risk of marginalisation due to their criminal record. 

High:five is also trying to change the prevailing attitude towards criminal records and to establish a coordinated effort between the police, the Kriminalforsorgen (Prison and Probation Service), the district authorities and other stakeholders.

High: five is anchored in The High: Five Foundation (High:five Fonden).


The High:five Foundation's Supervisory Board is composed of representatives from the companies, the police, prison service and VFSA. 


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High:five is managed by a director who is in charge of the High:five secretariat. Scattered across Denmark are a number of consultants in charge of local work.


High:five Organisation

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(The Business Forum for Corporate Social Responsibility)

Concept and method description

Since 2006, High:five has developed and refined a method as independent and coordinating bridge between the public authorities and the private businesses and the method has proven to be a success.  With the publication of this concept and method description, we wish openly to communicate High:five’s methods and results.


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