High:five mentoring courses

Since 2006, High:five has created jobs and, more recently, training for young people at risk at workplaces, colleges and schools, and the mentors helping the young people get started are doing an incredible job.

High:five started organising mentoring courses in the autumn of 2008.

General aims of the mentoring course 
The High:five mentoring courses aim to upgrade the qualifications of mentors working with the young people, add to their confidence and provide them with better tools in their work to support the young people. Course presenters include High:five staffers, the young people themselves as well as professionals who have extensive practical knowledge of the topics. 

Teaching methods
In general, High:five has chosen an appreciative approach to the course structure as well as to the young people. In short, we try to look at possibilities rather than limitations. The course topics are introduced through short, concise presentations and include plenty of training, discussions and exchange of experience. Training sequences are organised as physical activities whenever possible. 

Course structure
The course programme consists of three parts:
1. A residential course at Hotel Christiansminde in Svendborg
2. An evaluation module, scheduled as an after-work meeting, and
3. Mentors’ networking days that regularly bring mentors together to discuss experiences and exchange ideas. 

The High:five mentoring courses are free of charge for mentors and other stakeholders.

Mentors' networking day
If you have already attended done of our mentoring courses, we hope to see you on our next Mentors’ networking day. 

This day is for mentors who have already attended the High:five mentoring course since the programme is based on knowledge already acquired, and mentors will have rich opportunity to discuss their experiences and exchange ideas. 

To register of for more information, please contact Anja Nielsen at +45 5117 0016 or