We work with High:five because we find that they have a good and important mission, which we would very much like to support. 

For us, diversity is about treating people as individuals, each with their particularities and strengths. When we hire a new employee, we look at whether he or she seems motivated and has the right approach to the job as well as the skills to carry it out. 

Our management style emphasises appreciating and recognising the work of each individual worker, and an employee of ours preferably should not leave at the end of the day without having been praised for his or her effort. We can tell that this motivates our employees, builds up their self esteem and strengthens their foundation for development. 

Society has long wished to reintegrate young offenders into the job market. We believe that we can make a difference to this exact group of young people, and working with High:Five makes it easier for us. When High:five recommends a young candidate to us, they have already made sure that this person meets various criteria and that he or she wants to work at McDonald’s.

Our restaurant managers are young people as well, and they interact constantly with all employees. Teamwork is essential to our work and that takes a feeling of community. When a young ex-offender has been hired, High:five consultants advise the restaurant managers to make sure that the young person quickly learns to do the job as well as his or her colleagues and becomes part of the social community. In this way, we are a good match. 

Our work with High:five also benefits the rest of our employees since they learn to get along with and cooperate with people who are different from themselves and to regard this as natural. This is an experience they may well need in their private lives as well as their working lives at McDonalds and elsewhere.

The employees we have hired through High:five have been great successes so far. They have been offered permanent positions and some have even taken management training courses. We are very happy to be able to help them get back on track and live up to our social responsibility in this way.
Kristian Scheef Madsen, Administrerende direktør

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Contact: Lise-Lotte Helms-Olesen, HR-Chef
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