Parents and relatives
Every day, High:five is contacted by many parents or relatives who are worried about a young person because he or she has started neglecting school, has dropped out, started smoking marijuana or committed crimes. 

This page is meant as a help for parents and relatives. If you do not find what you are looking for here, you are welcome to contact us at High:five. 

The role of High:five 
High:five works to support businesses who want to help young offenders gain an ordinary life.

On behalf of the businesses, we make the following
demands on the young people:

- They must be able and willing to work
- They must have put their criminal past behind them
- They must be drug free or undergoing regular treatment
- They must have a permanent place to live
- These demands are non-negotiable


It is a well-known fact that many young people experiment with drugs, but not as many do so as the young people themselves believe. However, it is important for parents and relatives to know that there are drugs available wherever there are young people. 

If parents or relatives notice that a young person suddenly changes behaviour, this may be cause for concern, and it is important to talk to the young person about the challenges of being young and the importance of staying away from drugs. 

No business will hire a drug user
Parents and relatives should also be aware that the drugs on the market today are far more dangerous than the drugs that were available when they themselves were young and that using drugs is not the same as abusing drugs.

Talking to the young person is the way to go, and if you would like to know more about the drugs available in Denmark today, we recommend Henrik Rindom’s book, Rusmidlernes biologi.

High:five helps young people with a criminal past find work. We want to know what kind of crime they have committed, and we want to see their criminal record. We also need the consent of the young people and their parents to share this knowledge with their prospective workplace or with our partners at the district authorities or in the police. The young people will not be excluded because of a certain kind of criminal act, but we do need to make sure that their criminal activities are over. 

Many parents contact us because their son or daughter has been imprisoned for something, but High:five generally only works with young people who have been tried and sentenced. However, if the sentence is clearly not going to be imprisonment, we may deviate from this rule.