Virksomhedsforum for Socialt Ansvar (Business Forum for Corporate Social Responsibility), or simply VFSA, comprises 13 Danish business people who advise the Minister for Employment on corporate social responsibility.


These 13 people have all been picked personally by the Minister for Employment. CEO of ISS Facility Services A/S Maarten van Engeland is chairman of the forum.
Their organisations – which jointly employ more than 100,000 people – all work continuously to come up with new ways of cooperating on social issues.

What does VFSA do?
The main purpose of this business forum is to serve as a driving force in the struggle to limit social marginalisation and strengthen integration in the labour market. This is done through a number of different activities, and the Forum acts as an advisory body to the Minister for Employment.

The forum members participate in current discussions on corporate social responsibility and inspire other employers to promote the social well-being of their employees as well as in the communities in which their businesses are situated. 

You can get more information about VFSA and their work at the VFSA Secretariat.