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Insight creates understanding, and understanding breaks down barriers.


High:five was established in 2006 by Virksomhedsforum for Socialt Ansvar (the Business Forum for Corporate Social Responsibility). Our task is to assist Danish businesses in strengthening their social responsibility and to create jobs or training opportunities for young people who are at risk of social marginalisation due to their criminal record.

High:five is financed by public funds. All High:five employees are experienced advisors, and we work for you free of charge. We all have years of experience in working with young people at risk. We know the young people well and are experienced at assessing whether they will fit into your business or not.

In other words, we know what it takes to make it work.

Questions and considerations

If you are thinking of participating, please contact High:five, and we will be happy to visit you and tell you about our work – what we do and how we do it. We will also tell you more about the young people and our experiences with them.

You can then decide whether you wish to employ a young person and let us know of your requirements and expectations in relation to that person and to us.

You gain
In the experience of High:five, businesses may benefit greatly from hiring young people from this target group. Not all of these young persons are uncomplicated, but the businesses are thoroughly informed as to whom they are hiring, and in almost all cases these youngsters turn out to be more than loyal. They take great pains to prove their worth, and they are very happy to get a chance in life.

The other employees of the businesses usually involve themselves deeply in working with the young person, and they are proud of the social commitment of their workplace. Furthermore, working with the young person brings together the other employees and gives them a shared goal.

Our experience also shows that businesses are recognised for their effort by other businesses as well as customers and suppliers. High:five promotes our business partners on our website, but also in all other contexts where High:five employees present the successes of our work.

It is vital that the employees of the business are interested in helping the young person from High:five and that the relevant union representatives have been consulted. We agree on the place where the young person should start work, and High:five informs him or her about the job.

The mentor
High:five counsels the mentor on the task ahead and provides information about the young person. The mentor is encouraged to attend the High:five mentoring course.

First day at work
The young person shows up on the first day of work and receives information and instructions about the job. It is essential to the young people that they feel welcome and expected.

The mentor should explain clearly to the young person what the role of the mentor includes and does not include. Together, they may even draw up a written agreement on goals, rules and restrictions.

We have tried to describe the typical progress of a High:five process even though these processes are highly individual.

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