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We focus on the current needs of the individual and the community.

Public Authorities

District authorities, police, the Kriminalforsorgen (the Prison and Probation Service) and other stakeholders

High:Five is a business project
We work with a wide range of businesses willing to open their doors to young people with a criminal record. These businesses are less concerned with criminal records and more with personality and qualifications.

We need your help to establish backup and support measures to ensure that the young people get a safe start at their new workplace and stay there. We can help you find these workplaces and help you ensure that the young people succeed in their work development.

We have the workplace contacts and a thorough knowledge of the young people, and you have the experience and the means to offer support to those involved in the workplace match, so we can benefit from each other’s strengths.

High:Five is not a welfare-to-work programme, and we only subsidise short-term apprenticeship programmes. Our goal is always to find the shortest possible road to an ordinary work life.

We want to work with you because we believe that together we can create even better results than we are now.

Ole Hessel, Director
+45 51 17 00 11

Bedri Istrefi, Deputy head
+45 51 17 00 15

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