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We work across public authorities and private companies.

This is what we think

Every Danish citizen has a responsibility to make sure we have a good community. To opt out on this responsibility is not to isolate others but to isolate oneself.

Every Danish citizen may be charged with illegal and perhaps unintentional acts. But when the sentence has been given and served, life must go on – because what is the alternative?

We have to help each other
Danish society has a number of public systems helping citizens in need of help for one reason or another. But there are also organisations and projects that aim to help outside these public systems. The efficient society of the future will not be reached through improvements on the existing systems but in the development and maintenance of a wide, multilateral cooperative network that includes all stakeholders.

On our own, we can do only a little, but together we can do a lot.

A small effort can make a big difference, and the more who help carry the load, the lighter it becomes.

Social responsibility
Luckily, there are hundreds of businesses and thousands of employees who do want to make a difference to others, and in High:Five’s experience they can do it and are good at it.

The uneasy scepticism is replaced by curiosity, and a rising number of businesses and employees are enjoying the nice feeling of having made a difference to somebody.

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