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Insight creates understanding, and understanding breaks down barriers.


Motivating the young people
When you apply for a job and get it, you are happy and eager. You look forward to the first day of work, you slowly get to know your colleagues and your tasks and before you know it your new job is routine. We know that new challenges at the workplace keeps employees motivated, and this goes for young people too.

Naturally, the further a young person is from a working life, the longer it takes to get started and the more important it is to outline short-term and long-term goals. Remember to pause now and again to look back and celebrate the goals already reached and to keep looking ahead towards new attainable goals.

All this will keep the young person motivated.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Since 2006, High:five has developed and refined a method as independent and coordinating bridge between the public authorities and the private businesses and the method has proven to be a success.  With the publication of this concept and method description, we wish openly to communicate High:five’s methods and results.

High:five Concept and method description

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