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We assist companies develop social responsibility and create jobs

High:five assists companies in employing and retaining former convicts in ordinary jobs or training courses, and works closely with municipalities, police districts, the Danish Prison and Probation Service and politicians in Denmark. For the benefit of businesses, former convicts and society.

Someone should do something

High:five prepares the way for businesses who wish to help young people on the edge.

Concept and method description

We have discussed and debated, we have tested, and selected and deselected. With the publication of this concept and method description, we openly want to convey High:five’s method and experiences.

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High:five hjælper tidligere straffet unge med job

Sustainable Development Goals

High:five assists companies that are ready to help young people on the edge, and together we can contribute to the fulfillment of 4 of the UN’s 17 World Goals. Contact us for a non-binding talk about a future collaboration.

Quality education
AMU courses in prisons with teachers from High:five’s coopration companies contribute to the inmates gaining skills that can lead to jobs after imprisonment or further education.

Decent jobs and economic growth
With the individual job matches, High:five contributes to young people at risk of unemployment due to previous crime, getting jobs in the ordinary labor market. For the benefit of the individual and for society. It thus also contributes to the global goal of reducing youth unemployment.

Less inequality
High:five’s combined efforts strengthen social and economic inclusion of crime-threatened young people. Criminal young people have significantly poorer conditions of upbringing, poorer schooling, lower levels of education and less labor market attachment than other young people.

Partnerships for action
When High:five is a co-initiator of OPS, which is a pioneering and innovative form of collaboration between prisons, vocational colleges, private companies and High:five, we contributes to the global goal of “Encouraging and promoting effective public partnerships, public-private partnerships and civil society partnerships, which is based on experiences and resource strategies from partnerships.

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